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What CHCM does is to help individuals and couples heal from life’s wounds and stresses by combining Christian counseling with prayer for supernatural healing. All people struggle with some kind of personal brokenness from time-to-time and that is when you need healing the most.

I did not think I ever needed and kind of counseling and was skeptical of its benefits anyway. Then God showed me how His healing power could be combined with Christian counseling to bring about deep and even physical healing. You should get help to deal with symptoms you may be experiencing but you also must get down deeper to heal the roots of the problems. These roots often originated with trauma, early life wounds or neglect, or other family dysfunction which sometimes goes back many generations in your family lines. You may be just the next person in line to suffer from the same problems your parents and grandparents did.

The shame and stigma associated with having a difficult personal or marital problem is a powerful force. But almost 60% of people will develop a diagnosable mental health disorder at least once in their lifetime. The emotional pain that people closest to these hurting ones go through can also be overwhelming. The divorce rate even when including cohabitations as unions is still over 50%. The average adult woman is single. It is best to deal with problems you are experiencing as early on as possible and not wait until things get worse.

For individuals I will help you get started on a biblically sound and emotionally validating pathway toward your own personal healing and re-empowerment in life. For couples I use a Christian version of emotionally focused couples counseling often in conjunction with inner healing to re-ignite and strengthen emotional and relational bonds that often have become stuck in dysfunctional reactive patterns of conflict. Healing counseling helps people to experience their way to a new life story.

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