September 4, 2018 Blog

Warning Warning! Your Prescription Drug May Lead To Your Becoming an Addict


Here are some national statistics on addiction…


One of our society’s and the church’s major problems is the widespread use and abuse of prescription drugs used alone or with other easily abused non-prescription drugs like alcohol or marijuana.


Many people have the mistaken notion that if their doctor prescribes it then it must be safe. With regards to pain killing opioids, Xanax/valium/benzodiazepine family (, and methamphetamine based add/adhd meds like Adderall, such is not the case. All of these meds are highly addictive EVEN IF you only take the prescribed dose.


Furthermore if you combine the usage of any addictive drug with another addicting drug or regular use of alcohol or marijuana use you run the risk of doubling the effects of the drugs leading to possible multiple co-occurring addictions. You are in trouble if this describes YOU!


For example the use of Adderall to bring you up and Xanax/Valium (et al) to bring you down may lead to 2 addictions that reinforce each other. By that I mean what comes up must go down. You will find it difficult to quit one addicting drug because it is linked in your brain to having another drug alleviate side effects or produce the opposite effect. An unscientific formula I use is that 1+1=3. That means the 2 addictions may reinforce each other and act together as a third combined addiction.


In the case of using prescription drugs like Xanax/valium and alcohol abuse or addiction the formula is 1+1=4. That is, the interaction of these 2 substances is so powerful that it may produce an effect that is like having 4 addictions to recover from. If this describes you it is likely that your only recovery option is a medically managed detox facility.


We need to remove the stigma of using detox and/or rehab centers to help people pull out of the downward spiral of multiple addictions that include addicting prescription drugs and/or alcohol. If this is a problem for you, and you are tired of trying to stop your addictions on your own help is available. While I am not a certified addiction counselor, I know from my own experience and the experiences of those people who come to me for inner healing and addictions help that addictions from using prescription drugs are a major societal problem that has ruined and is ruining many families as well as the addicted individual. Please get whatever help you need to overcome the foothold or stronghold these substances have on your life. Don’t wait because your life is not going to get any better until you are set free from the regular use or abuse of prescription and other easily abused drugs.


Warm regards, Dr. Bruce