About Us

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaiaaaaajdm0mdc1nwezlwjlogqtnddhzs04nwy5ltzmnmm0ote2mzflmaDr. Bruce Quinlan retired after over 24 years as an executive in the healthcare industry. God called him to do healing prayer and healing counseling for people like him who used to know nothing about how God’s healing power could change their life and heal them. After training to become an active healing prayer minister God provided some miraculous physical healing that confirmed His call to do more in-depth healing counseling work. He obtained a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in 2012. Having obtained a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois earlier, he went on to obtain a Doctor of Ministry degree and completed his doctoral dissertation in Formational Counseling (a blend of inner healing and Christian counseling) at Ashland Seminary and University in Ohio in 2015. Since 2013 he has been actively practicing healing counseling while God helped him form CHCM. In conjunction with healing counseling Dr. Quinlan also does spiritual interventions such as prayer for deliverance from demonic oppression and possession and prayer for supernatural physical healing. He has dropped pursuit of state licensure as a counselor because of the conflict that exists between state-derived ethics and some secular counseling techniques, and biblical ethics and Christian healing techniques. The state and secular professional organizations for example frown on the association of counseling with the Bible, divine supernatural healing, and anything not based on secular humanist notions of what is “evidence-based” counseling practice. Dr. Quinlan integrates what he considers to be the best of scientifically-based treatments in a Christian healing counseling framework. His book on the “Essentials of Christian Healing” was recently published and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, some bookstores and from his own website CHCMIN.com. Dr. Quinlan is one of few people in the world who has received extensive training in three major healing prayer models and then has added a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and a Doctoral degree to his clinical training. Through all this his desire is to promote the advancement of Christian Healing Counseling to this generation in our culture. Dr. Quinlan has been married to his wife and fellow prayer minister Patricia for over 36 years. They have three grown sons and three grandsons.