March 11, 2017 Blog

Experience Your Own Supernatural Healing Story

I now realize that for many decades I was stuck in my emotional and spiritual life. I never heard any person preach or teach about how God still heals people through healing prayer and what I call healing counseling. Today my first book has been published to tell my story and the story of many other people who have experienced God’s love and healing power. You can too!


My book was written for the average person who comes to see me for Christian healing counseling. It is solidly based on an integration of biblical teaching, healing teachings, brain psychology, counseling, and the Bible. The book is supported by my doctoral dissertation that provides a more technical level of detail. But not only have I experienced a total life transformation as a result of experiencing God’s love and healing power, this is now my life’s purpose, and that is what I do in my healing counseling practice.


I know that you can also have a transformation unlike any you imagined. Even if you are a mature Christian I can guarantee you if that if you have not experienced God’s emotional, psychological, and bodily healing power you are missing a vital component of what God has in store for you. Jesus preached and taught and He healed people (Matthew 4:23 and 9:35). The church’s teaching and preaching is highly sophisticated. But the church’s power to heal people at the exact point of their deepest needs is sorely lacking at least in the United States. But the power of the Lord is and always has been present for the healing of minds, hearts, and body parts!


I urge you to get and read a copy of my book, “Essentials of Christian Healing: How Healing Prayer and Healing Counseling Are Changing People’s Lives”. It is now available in e-book form at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple’s iBooks websites. It will soon be released in paperback. I want you to be able to talk about your own healing story just like so many others have who have at least begun to experience God this way. Peace, love, and joy! Dr. Bruce