I develop a healing counseling treatment plan with every person that helps them cope with their current symptoms while also getting to the roots of the problems. I do not do secular counseling nor do I wish to be licensed by the State since I do not practice ordinary secular mental health counseling. Nor do I call what I do Christian counseling because I am a Christian. The power of the Holy Spirit is necessary to make healing counseling interventions divinely effective. I often help people go through Christian “inner healing”. This is a combination of forgiveness work, healing of memories, and healing of emotions. It often involves healing from many different kinds of mental, emotional, relational, or spiritual disturbances. I also integrate a modern scientific understanding of the brain into many facets of healing counseling. I typically do not provide healing counseling services to children under the age of 18.
Having been an executive for over 24 years, and having owned my own consulting practice, I know how hard it is to navigate career issues. I know how hard having a balanced marital and family life is. I know how hard it is to have a good marriage through it all. I provide executive and managerial coaching for people who simply need encouragement, direction, strategic tactical or political advice, and/or emotional support while they attempt to “succeed” at all levels in life.
I uniquely integrate the Bible’s teachings about marriage, love, and intimacy in an emotionally focused approach to Christian healing counseling for couples. I am a member of the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). This approach helps identifies patterns of emotional reactivity that are eroding a safe and securely felt emotional bond or attachment to each other. This lack of bonding is rampant in marriage. Christians often make the mistake of thinking that if they have spiritual connection they will also be emotionally connected. The brain does not work that way. I treat many mature Christian couples who struggle with and are stuck with a lack of deeper emotional connection. My healing counseling approach helps to create new emotional connection which rewires the brain to respond in a softer and more engaging manner. I love to experience the joy of you re-connecting emotionally with your partner in session.
I typically use one of several software programs to conduct sessions with individuals or couples over the internet.
I will also do home visits for healing counseling in the general Jacksonville area. If for a female client there must be another adult on the premises the entire time I am present. These visits can take place at any location not just the home setting.
I have separate appointment types for sessions that are mostly related to the need for physical healing prayer, or the need for deliverance from demonic oppression or possession.

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